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Groggily I stumble back to bed, after giving lil bit another dose of fever reducer.

Unbeknowest to me, man's best friend has laid himself in the middle of my dark path. The path I could have lit by switching a switch, but not wanting to wake anyone by lighting up the hall like a runway, I didn't. My foot bumps into a big furry behind, knocking me off balance. Surprised, fido jumps up, swirling his body around me in a way scientifically impossible for his girth, then throwing me forward.

To no avail, I struggle to regain balance, any balance. I am falling into the darkness, twisting to avoid the canine who has somehow positioned himself between me and the floor. For a moment, my fall is halted by my right wrist, which I recently had surgeried and has not been cleared for “weight bearing”.

BAM 💥!

Pain courses through my hand, down my arm, as the wrist gives, leaving me face down smelling the carpet. 

Pain is shooting throughout my body, as one hundred fifty pounds of dog circles my broken body, anxiously stepping on my bad wrist, over and over again.

A voice calls from the darkness, “Are you alright?!!”

Am I alright? A heavy head is resting on my butt. My body is broke. Nothing works. I mumble through the carpet, “I think I’ll just stay here. I’m paralyzed,” as a huge tongue licks my face.

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